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Rickson Gracie Black Belt – Henry Akins

I had no idea who Henry Akins was. Then I ran into this video of him.

It sparked enough curiosity to find this interview of him from onthemat.com. It’s interesting how similar he is to Pedro Sauer (another Rickson black belt) in terms of stressing self-defense in jiu-jitsu.

Actually, that’s a recurring theme I find in instructors that have a close direct lineage with either Carlos or Helio Gracie (more so Helio). Although I have to admit even Alliance Jiu Jitsu, which is currently the competition champs in all major world tournaments, has self-defense requirements of its students for promotion.


Electronic Awesomeness – BJJ Hacks and Rickson Gracie

Of all the new blogs, electronic resources and articles out there on the internetz strictly for us jiu-jitsu folk, there’s one that caught my eye and had me clicking links and reading the back archives like nothing else. The site? BJJ Hacks. Oh, it’s like ambrosia for grappling dummies. Waitasec…

Anyways, I’m usually very picky about the sites I visit and read, particularly when it comes to jiu-jitsu. I’ve found out that after my absence from jiu-jitsu, both physically and electronically, there are a lot more practitioners writing. That’s great in terms of the growth of our art, but… like I said, I’m picky.

BJJ Hacks, in my humble opinion, is one of the better ones. Absolutely great stuff on that site, like this one on Japanese BJJ schools (hey, waitasec…) and the following video of an excellent interview with Rickson Gracie.

While I’m sure they don’t need my help in gaining more readers – ha, like my daily single digit views is gonna pull in massive numbers – I’m placing them as one of my links on the right to do my part in helping spread the jiu-jitsu word.