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It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

Cue the song of the same title as this post, where jiu-jitsu is represented as a dashing young man on a motorcycle and I’m.. er… Celine Dion. Yeah…

In the past 24 hours since my last post I’ve dug up all my jiu-jitsu instructionals, pulled them out of various cardboard boxes, freed them from storage and eagerly devoured the knowledge contained therein. I went from absolutely no jiu-jitsu for two years to hey, I don’t remember buying this, it’s so full of jiu-jitsu goodness, want MOAR.

I’ve re-watched both Roy Dean’s Art of the Wristlock and Purple Belt Requirements DVDs, reviewed my old jiu-jitsu notebook, re-read some pretty nifty jiu-jitsu magazines and books, and, after all that, I went online to watch multiple clips of side-control escapes on youtube. That was lots of fun! Of course putting them all together in practice is something completely different, but in terms of getting the gears going it’s a start.

What good are notes if there isn't a confusing diagram and a Sun Tzu quote?

Another thing I should point out is that I’ve also started linking techniques, putting them in Tekken-like chain combos – only in my brain though. I’m seeing where one technique can lead to another and if one fails how I can use another technique as a plan-B backup. It’s all coming back to me and I’m getting giddy and super excited to train.

Not sure how that’ll help as it’s all theory and, well, theory that doesn’t work on the mats gets me bend out of shape and makes me go tap-tap. I guess that’s what drills are for!