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Bad Assed Martial Arts – Ameri-Do-Te!

If you consider yourself a genuine martial artist then you MUST TRAIN IN AMERI-DO-TE! Hands down one of the bestest (most dangerousness) street martial art out there! Ameri-Do-Te! Best of ALL! Worst of NONE! Hiya!!


Well, I wouldn’t mess with them…

These are two of the baddest men on the planet

Matt Hughes and BJ Penn. Both men could easily pick me up, tie me into knots and smash me into the ground with just their brains!

Not exactly how you’d imagine them riding a motorcycle, huh?

Guillotine Defense – A Strange Case of How My Jiu-jitsu Mind Works

Roaming the wikipedia page on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Belt Ranking, I discovered an interesting tidbit; today I learned that the mighty Alliance has belt requirements.

Curious, I made my way over to their site to see what they thought would be necessary for promotion. I looked over at the purple belt requirements, cause I’m a blue belt, and took note of their list. Throws and Takedowns. Check. Submissions. Check. Self Defense. Chec… wait, what?!

Yes, Alliance requires self-defense knowledge. Although it is not as extensive as a TMA – or say Gracie Combatives – would be, they do want their students to be mindful of and be able to perform techniques that release them from the headlock and the quillotine.

So headlocks. Yeah, no problem here. Off the top of my head I got 6 headlock escapes from off the top of my head. But then there’s this:

Clicky the pic for enhance and zoom, but the underlined area basically says, “Two ways to defend the guillotine standing up.” Gah! I only know one way.

Which lead me to seek out guillotine defense vids.

After much searching here are clips of the guillotine defense I know; the first clip is from Pedro Sauer who finishes the technique with a submission while providing two different grips, and the second clip comes from none other than Ryron and Rener Gracie who both provide huge details about the guillotine defense that everyone should be aware of.

However I was still one technique short to qualify for Alliance’s requirements. So I searched for a few hours trying to find something that didn’t depend on too much strength and that someone of a smaller size could somewhat easily perform against a larger opponent.

I think I found it. Enjoy 🙂