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Jiu-jitsu Training – May 26th

My second day back at jiu-jitsu finally proved without a shadow of a doubt just how far behind I am.

While I mentioned in my first post about coming back to training that my self-awareness is at an all time high and that my eye for detail is still intact, it’s the actual process of performing the techniques on demand that is going to need a ton of work.

Like a frozen screen reboot, start from scratch, there is now a level zero ton of work. Basically, I’m a blue belt stuck in the body of a white belt.

So How’d Class Go?
Brent was there and in my mind’s eye I envisioned doing drillwork with him non-stop and it felt like super-progress was going to be made that night. I was going to write it in my blog and I would be proud.

That didn’t happen. Wait, getting ahead of myself.

I managed to tie my belt once – yay, me – went through warm-ups easily, kinda got tired doing push-ups cause I was going through the full range of motion instead of half-assing like a few of the other guys in the warm-up circle. Tomari-sensei had us do a drill that was new to me. For six minutes we’d pair up and perform sweeps, reset, switch and repeat. Brent and I teamed up. He focused on two sweeps. I foolishly tried to recall as many different sweeps as possible. I would pause to think about what sweep I wanted to try and as the time ran out, my pause-to-think periods grew longer and longer. Not a good sign.

I should have picked two sweeps and worked them for the full six minutes, just like Brent. I will keep that in mind for next time. Strive for quality, not quantity.

The instructional session of class saw three variations of a moguri (diving) sweep from butterfly guard. The first was a simple sweep. The next one, a sweep to the back. The third, a switch over to x-guard sweep. I wasn’t sure how well my right leg would be carrying weight much like a leg extention. I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I wasn’t exactly at ease.

Finally, after sitting out from sparring, I asked Brent if we could do a few drills. He was more than happy to help me out and suggested that I should work on my mobility before even thinking about sparring. I agreed and when I tried to mention that we should do something similiar to the warm-up sweep drill we did earlier except to continueously flow from closed guard, sweep, side-control, escape side-control to BAM! It hit me.

In mid-thought, as I was saying the phrase, I couldn’t come up with anything. I couldn’t recall any escape from side-control. I told Brent and he said that we should just go slow. When we got into side-control to recap some escapes, Brent posed a few scenerios to me and while I finally remembered a couple of escapes, my body and brain weren’t to communicate to each other.

I went “huh”, my brain went “blah”, and my body went “meh”.

I believe I spent the rest of the evening gazing out of the window into the night sky lit by stars and the Fukuoka city lights thinking deep carefree thoughts until I found my way home. That didn’t happen, but that’s what it felt like though.

Finishing Thoughts
I’m definitely rusty. I know what to do, but my body feels like it’s second guessing itself. Really? Is this leg supposed to bending awkwardly like that? How do you get from guard to top position if you’ve got grips, hooks on the farside leg and a deep underhook on the nearside leg? Wha? The sweep’s like that?

It feels like the time when I was a white belt/newly minted blue and I’d be giving too much thought to the process and not letting things connect naturally, not letting muscle memory take over and just move all by itself. Although this time it’s worst because there is no muscle memory and I’m overthinking things constantly.

Hmm. Time to brush up on everything.