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Ameri-Do-Te! 110% Pure Awesomeness!

You wanted more? Well, enter the Dojo that is Ameri-Do-Te! You enter it, I say!


Bad Assed Martial Arts – Ameri-Do-Te!

If you consider yourself a genuine martial artist then you MUST TRAIN IN AMERI-DO-TE! Hands down one of the bestest (most dangerousness) street martial art out there! Ameri-Do-Te! Best of ALL! Worst of NONE! Hiya!!

Well, I wouldn’t mess with them…

These are two of the baddest men on the planet

Matt Hughes and BJ Penn. Both men could easily pick me up, tie me into knots and smash me into the ground with just their brains!

Not exactly how you’d imagine them riding a motorcycle, huh?