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Ameri-Do-Te! 110% Pure Awesomeness!

You wanted more? Well, enter the Dojo that is Ameri-Do-Te! You enter it, I say!


I heart Bas Rutten

Bas Rutten Life Tips:

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Bad Assed Martial Arts – Ameri-Do-Te!

If you consider yourself a genuine martial artist then you MUST TRAIN IN AMERI-DO-TE! Hands down one of the bestest (most dangerousness) street martial art out there! Ameri-Do-Te! Best of ALL! Worst of NONE! Hiya!!

Well, I wouldn’t mess with them…

These are two of the baddest men on the planet

Matt Hughes and BJ Penn. Both men could easily pick me up, tie me into knots and smash me into the ground with just their brains!

Not exactly how you’d imagine them riding a motorcycle, huh?

Happy Re-construction Day, Right Knee!

Knee 2.0

Two years ago today I had ACL re-construction surgery on my right knee. In addition I also had my medial meniscus sutured. My surgery was an autograph (donor tissue was me, not a cadaver) of the semitendinosus (hamstring) tendon in my right leg.

Since then I’ve had over eight months of physical therapy and rehab (using the hamstring has donor tissue for the surgery has a longer recovery time than the patella-donor-type surgery plus I really didn’t want to rush), six months of prehab (injury preventative exercises) and over seven months of strength training before I started up jiu-jitsu again. Oh, I forgot to mention I even had a second surgery on my knee to remove the screws and anchors that held my “new” ACL in place while everything healed up neat and tidy.

Bionic Man for 1.7 years

Damn, my knee has come a long way.

Over the course of my two year journey I’ve picked up a lot of things, gained a great deal of experience and information in regards to knee injuries, rehab and prehab exercises, lower body – especially the posterior chain – strength training, leg mobility and flexibility, and soft tissue work, which of course includes massages. It’s led me to rediscover my passion for learning all about the human body and what it’s capable of (I was studying to be a paramedic before I found out I was coming to Japan, while I almost finished the program, I never knew how much I enjoyed learning about biology and human physiology until then).

Out of everything, there are a few important lessons I would have never received if I never got injured in the first place.

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