Back to Training After a Week Off… and Found a New Submission to Try

Worked out today after a week off to rest the wrist. Wanted to go to jiu-jitsu class, but thought it best to get my strength training back on track.

Did deadlifts 3×8, db rows 3×10, push-ups 50, crunches 60 and my hip exercises.

My deadlift gains suffered the most from my wrist injury. I basically took a two-week break because of it. I also wanted to work in some squats, but do to my prolonged break, after doing deadlifts my lower back didn’t really enjoy the extra added attention when I started a squat warm-up set. Actually, I’ve never really felt comfortable doing squats AND deadlifts on the same day.

Injury Update
Wrist has much better range of motion and it feels okay supporting weight.

It still doesn’t have full range of motion and there are angles were it’s very uncomfortable/slightly sore. I’m heading into class on Tuesday. We’ll see how it goes then.

New Submission to Try
Bill Cooper’s Super Spin Clock Choke seen here at his Grappler’s Quest match against Rodrigo Ranieri. Set-up from top half-guard.

Or Isao Okano’s Supaa Supin Kurakku Chokku seen here among his highlight reel. Set up from top turtle.

Either one I think will do. They kinda look the same, right?


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