Here Comes a New Injury!

I won’t even address my pathetic attempts at escaping side-control.

Sparred with a purple belt probably two weight classes above me. He’s a purple belt, the worst that could happen is I get submitted a lot.

Got a wristlock slapped on me. At the exact moment I tapped, my wrist went snap.

We both were surprised at the sound of the pop.

I got up, immediately iced my wrist and held it above my head. The condensation from the ice pack dripped down on my head and with each drop I wondered why I even bothered coming back to jiu-jitsu.

On the trip home, I pulled out a wrist brace I had from way back when and happened to have in my backpack, wrapped it around my wrist and drove home with my hand holding onto the door frame of my car, keeping it elevated.

Home, two ibuprofen, a long contrast shower, and started typing.

It feels fine now. No swelling and it’s not bothering me. It does ache at certain angles and if I place pressure on it.

I hope don’t wake up with it aggravated in someway. Cause getting injured again kinda puts things in perspective. Not being able to escape side-control isn’t that big of a deal and definitely not as detrimental to my progress as an injury would be.


2 responses to “Here Comes a New Injury!

  1. No, no more injuries! You’ve reached your quota already. *scowl*

    One of my instructors is currently on a sabbatical from finishing most submissions; instead, he gets almost finished and snags the wrist. Although, at least I know it’s coming, and he doesn’t do it too fast or hard.

    • Yeah, I’m tired of getting beat up too.

      It’s funny cause the wristlock went from: don’t hurt, don’t hurt, don’t hurt, don’t hurt, guess I’ll tap now before I get hurt, tap simultaneous pop. :,(

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