Side-control Escapes

Since I find myself always in bottom side-control, I’ve been re-reading my old notes and my old posts back at my old blog in the hopes of finding out what I did for escapes back then cause I’m facing the same problem now.

There is one escape, that’s more like a sweep, which I used very often but I haven’t found a video of it yet. In the meantime, if you’re in the same position that I’m in – ha! bottom side-control! get it?! ha! – here are some clips you might find useful.

Roy Dean’s segment from his Blue Belt Requirements DVD. If you’re a beginner, I highly suggest you get one for yourself.

Next we have a Pedro Sauer Black Belt, Mike Diaz, teaching a variation of the knee/elbow escape.

And finally, one of the most eye opening escapes for kesa gatame I’ve ever come across, Fabio Gurgel. This makes me giggle like a school boy going to see a Kamen Rider live action show at Greenland Amusement Park. Apologies for the Japanese reference.


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