Jiujitsu Training – June 28th

I rolled with a purple belt yesterday. We went slow and kept moving, lots of position changes and lots of fun.

Nothing more to add. Let’s move on.

So How’d Class Go?
We reviewed three techniques I’ve seen before in class; jumping butterfly guard pass, a spider guard sweep which is probably a harpoon sweep, and the sneaky RNC I wrote about here.

Some notes on the butterfly guard pass.

Christian Graugart has a beautifully detailed vid on the jumping butterfly guard pass which I highly recommend viewing it in its entirety. If you want to skip to the good stuff it’s at the 6:22 mark.

In a nutshell, keep the weight on the shoulder. In a fanboy nutshell, imagine your shoulder is Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, and once that sucker gets planted on your opponent ain’t no one worthy enough to move it.

Anyway, the 3rd stripe blue that was drilling that pass with me would jump away, which made him very light. When passing guard unless I’m standing up to pass I want to be in complete control of my weight and I want to post as much of it as I can directly on my opponent. Again the Mjölnir method of weight management.

Also before the technique session of class, there was a warm up of drilling sweeps from guard. I was paired up with a blue belt way out of my weight class. Even though I wanted to drill some spider guard sweeps, I didn’t want to put unnecessary stress on my right leg, so it was hip and pendulum sweeps for 6 minutes straight. Sigh.

On a side note, Tomari-sensei wondered what I preferred calling the sweep; pendulum or flower. I knew it by both names, Tomari-sensei then asked which name was more popular in the states, he guessed it was pendulum because who wants to drill a technique called “flower” you know?

Finishing Thoughts
While I sat out for the majority of sparring, Tomari-sensei approached me and asked if I wanted anything to work on. I answered that I just wanted to get strong enough to start sparring with everyone else. So he took me aside and started giving me deep half-guard tips and sweeps. My half-guard is ridiculously weak so the deep half-guard left me confused and lost for the rest of the class.

I suppose it’s Tomari-sensei’s way of encouraging me and pushing me to improve my game. I probably have another month of weight training and sitting on the sidelines or just light sparring, before I can really test myself at a higher level of resistance.


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