Weight Training – June 25th

After teaching an Open Class for one of my elementary schools I headed over to Accion gym for a little me time.

Just Tell Me ‘Bout Them Lifts, Bro

Front squats 5×5, deadlifts 3×5, pull-ups 8, dips 7 and the usual hip exercises.

My front squats are slowly making progress. I was wondering just how much more stronger my squat was compared to my front squat, so even after my five sets, I slapped on some extra weight, did a single rep, added more and kept going until I found myself squating my bodyweight. Surprisingly, my front squats are nowhere near that. It’s probably because of my deadlifts, my back feels more comfortable carrying the barbell than my shoulders do.

Speaking of the deadlift, it must have been the combination of heat (Japan is crazy hot now) and the extra lifting I did that made me think boy am I tired at the lock out of my fifth rep on the third set. Walked around a bit, drank an entire liter of BCAA infused water then drank even more water, went to do ten pull-ups and dips, couldn’t, and then called it a day.

Gimmie a Finisher, Bro
While I was working out, a group of JR High School students and their coaches started their workout routine – Snatches and Clean & Jerks.

These kids, boys and girls, were putting a lot of grown men that only do 9kg db curls to shame, because not only were they lifting weights that a majority of people there wouldn’t even dare touch, they were picking it off the ground and putting it above their heads.

The snatch and the clean & jerk are lifts that I would love to incorparate. First and foremost, they’re very technical exercises and us jiu-jitsu folk have a thing for being technical. Plus, just imagine the speed and power you could generate from those exercises, and put those aspects to work in jiu-jitsu or submission grappling! TEE HEE!

It just goes to show that when strength and technique go hand in hand, great things can be accomplished.


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