Weight Training – June 21st

I was feeling a bit under the weather, so instead of jiu-jitsu I went weight training.

Just Tell Me ‘Bout Them Lifts, Bro
Front squats 4×5, snatch grip deadlifts 3×10, sumo deadlifts 3×10, cuban press 3×10, L-laterial raises 3×10, cable rows 3×10 and finished with my hip exercises.

My numbers for the snatch and sumo deadlifts are really low. I could only pull 30 kilos. Same with my other exercises, just low-weight high-rep. Not really building strength, but just enough to keep fit.

Gimmie A Finisher, Bro
If you aren’t aware of the Cuban Press, then here it is. One of the best ways to maintain shoulder health and stability because it works the rotator cuff. External rotations and laterial raises, via side-lying or pulleys, are other exercises that work the rotator cuff.

A weak rotator cuff means a weak shoulder, and a weak shoulder is one that is susceptible to injuries. Obviously weak shoulders are a bad thing in jiu-jitsu.

If you notice in the video, there is no weight being used. That’s because the aim is to work the muscles, not fatigue them. The rotator cuffs help to contribute to the overall strength of the shoulder, so overtraining these muscles isn’t a good thing.

Feel free to add the cuban press, as well as other shoulder health exercises, on the workout days that aren’t upper body days and hopefully there’ll be some improvement in strength and mobility.


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