Jiujitsu Training – June 14th

Yesterday we were taught several techniques.

The oldie but goodie Omoplata with two set ups: one from spider-guard and the other from half-guard.

The other oldie but goodie butterfly-guard, put your shoulder in the mid-section, jumping pass.

Finally we wrapped with a new way to set up and finish the RNC. New to me anyway. I’m gonna detail the RNC.

So How’d Class Go?
First you’d start off with over-unders, or as Tomari-sensei calls it getting the “seatbelt.” I wasn’t aware of new English jiu-jitsu terms but I’ve been out of the loop for two years.

Anyway, gain the “seatbelt” and make sure to trap the underhooked arm. If you’ve got underhooks on the left side, trap the left arm. Next step would be to “walk” the overhook and around the neck. Most likely at this point, your opponent will most definitely try to prevent any type of closing in around the neck. The walking movement is done with the hand, doing a creepy crawly I’m-going-to-cut-off-the-oxygenated-blood-flow-to-your-brain up until arm is completely secured around the neck.

This is where things get tricky. Most times people let go of the trapped arm and bring up their other arm up in order to lock in and finish the choke. When that happens their opponent usually spots the arm going up, grabs hold of that arm and controls it thereby nullifying the choke. It happens a lot of times in MMA matches.

If I was sparring no-gi in my apartment and I had back-mount on the invisible man, this would be a picture of a typical RNC set up; palm on bicep, bring arm up and around behind my opponent's head.

The approach I learned yesterday hides that, it slides the second arm in. First arm around the neck, palm towards you. Second arm hangs back, comes up and covers the back hand of the first arm, palms are facing in the same directing. Lift your head up to create space, slide second arm all the way in. Your arms should be in the typical RNC positions.

This sneaky set up first starts with placing the palm to back of the hand of the choking (right) arm.

Next, after putting palm to back of hand, slide the non-choking arm up until the (right) hand touches the bicep or get in the bend of the (left) arm.

A photo is a very poor way to convey motion, but my hands are "slicing" down while I stick my chest out and arch my back. The smile on my face lets me know that I'm winning in my mind's eye.

To finish the choke arch your back, stick out your chest and move your hands downward in a scissor motion like you’ve got blades for arms and you’re cutting off your opponent’s head! MUH HA HA HA! Gruesome, but so are chokes by their very nature, yes?

Finishing Thoughts
I did a round of positional and full sparring, and I got my butt swept and submitted easy. Good times.


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