Jiujitsu Training – June 7th

Yesterday, we went over a DVR sweep that took the back from a breakdance-like shoulder-roll while still keeping grips. It left all the white belts, me included, stratching our heads.

Our second and third techniques were all attacks from the back mount and what to do when the person in your back mount is defending. Simply put; create space, use that space to create even more space, uncomfortably submit.

For Positional Sparring, I rolled with Brent. Even though he was rolling at a low intensity, I could tell just how much his jiu-jitsu has grown and how much I’ve back slid. Nice.

Then I had a full sparring round with a white belt. Good times.

So How’d Sparring Go?
He was the same size as me and when we did the secret handshake, I immediately ran down a mental checklist of how I was going to approach this match. NO fighting sweeps. NO fighting guard passes. NO scrambles. NO crazy fast movement of anykind from me. The only thing I’ll work hard for are escapes.

He immediately stood up and passed. I like to think I did a fairly decent job of giving him a hard time but he was really good or I really suck still, either way he was in a very high top kesa gatame when he finally lands side-control. I think he was baiting me to escape sweep – wrapping my arms around him, bumping, then follow through turning over to the side sweeping him – but each time I’d move my arms he’d rapidly pull at them hoping to set up a submission. I kept my arms in.

Eventually he worked to mount, I bump escape and he death-grip hugs me to prevent me from posturing up. I manage to sit up only to have a sloppy triangle slapped on me. I drive my shoulder forward, grip his collar and attempt to make him uncomfortable by having his knee touch his forehead while planting my entire weight on him. He doesn’t budge.

I work to slide my trapped arm out. Tomari-sensei gave a comment to another sparring pair which for some strange reason my sparring partner thought was directed to him so he lets go and goes from full to zero resistance flat. Then he starts talking to Tomari-sensei, which cause both me and Tomari-sensei shoot puzzled looks at him. He realizes what’s going on, appologies to both of us and gives me side-control to start with.

He starts bucking and bridging non-stop so I step over to north-south to trap his near side arm, killing movement in his shoulders, and move back to side-control. His free arm actually helped keep me in place, on top of him, by pulling me down. It was actually a perfect set up for an armbar – the way his arm was positioned – but each time I tried to move he’d keep stuck right next to him. Instead, I slowly worked between a baseball choke and the Shoulder of Justice until time ran out.

We shake hands and I sit on the sidelines for the rest of class.

Finishing Thoughts
Afterward, Tomari-sensei asked if my knee was doing fine. I replied that it was. He said that was good and that he likes how I’m taking my progress.

I’m cool with how things are going too.


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