Weight Training – June 2nd

Went weight training with Sam on Thursday.

I don’t know if it was the weather we’ve been having (hot then cold then back to hot again) or something but both Sam and I weren’t feeling it. We were just sluggish and tired for some strange reason. I felt really good on Wednesday, even after jiu-jitsu practice, and I really wanted to weight train then but knew that I have Thursdays with Sam so I waited a day.

Just Tell Me ‘Bout Them Lifts, Bro
New stretching movement warm-up for my knee, deadlifts 3×5, bench 3×5, db rows 3×5, upright rows 3×5 and only seven pull-ups. Didn’t even feel like doing front squats.

I felt like I really didn’t work that hard, no DOMS, but when I got to my third set of deadlifts I barely finished it. I took it as a sign that it wasn’t going to be a good lift day. I just couldn’t pull the weight. Diet, weather, rest or recovery time – whatever the reason it just wasn’t happening.

Gimmie a Finisher, Bro
I’m a tad disappointed in myself. Strength training is not as difficult as jiu-jitsu, slighty easier, not much though, but just as demanding.

Perhaps it might have to do with my very light snatch grip deadlift session last time. I was a step backwards for me. Maybe it’s due to my jiu-jitsu training. I did go twice in a row but I didn’t spar. I should be well rested. Sigh.

Whatever the case I hope I’m in better shape/condition for next time.


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