I heart Clif Bars!

If yummy came in a bright colored wrapper with a picture of a guy hanging from a rockface, it'd be Clif Bars

My passion for Clif Bars started around the same time I began my journey in jiu-jitsu.

Depending on how hungry I was I’d snack on one before or after class. I’d buy two or three and save them as my own special little treat, a tasty bribe for going to class if I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes it was a reward for a jiu-jitsu job well done. It became a familiar comfort, one of my beloved routines like Hooters buffalo wings before a Sunday bike ride or a Sobe Energy drink after a late night of drawing comic strips. Ah, those were the days.

When I moved to Japan I gave up many things near and dear to me. One of the few things I missed and could never find on this side of the Pacific were Clif Bars. I’m sure they’d do well here. The Japanese palate can be a bit tricky but I know of one Japanese person that was won over.

Yoko didn’t think much of Clif Bars at first. She gave them a chance after seeing me take delight in snacking on them and is a big fan of them now. Especially Luna Bars. Lemon Zest Luna Bars. She can’t get enough of them. Sometimes I’ll catch Yokohama eating my entire bar if I give her only a “bite” of it.

You know when you've found the right one when mom gives them more stuff than you. Can't I have just one?

Every now and then when I call home they’ll ask if there’s anything I want before they send me a care package. I always give it serious thought, but nothing comes to mind. Of course something does come to mind, but they really can’t send a Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Pie or a Rego’s Purity of Hawaii Portuguese Sausage to me.

So without missing a beat I’ll answer while doing my best to contain my eager anticipation, “Clif Bars, please!”

If I was a health nut, I’d be impressed by the Clif Bar’s 80% organic ingredients, and all the vitamins and nutrients packaged inside.

If I was a fitness nut, I’d be satisfied with the amount of protein and carbs I’d get from partaking of one.

Nah, I’m just an average enthusiast that loves being active and has an appreciation for all things tasty, like the Clif Bar. It’s enough fuel for a good workout and will leave me with room to either enjoy a sensible meal if I’m watching my weight or enough space to pack on the calories if I’m loading.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful care packages filled with goodies and Clif Bars galore!

And thank you Clif Bar for being a healthy and yummy part of my life!

I know what I'm eating after my jiu-jitsu classes! Woohoo!


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