Weight Training – Accion Fukuoka Gym – May 24th

Sam had a change in his schedule so he won’t be able to make it to the gym this coming Thursday. We pushed it back to Saturday, and instead of going to jiu-jitsu (pushed that to Thursday) I went weight training.

I figure I might as well introduce my “real” gym as I did so with my “other” gym.

If you’re ever in Fukuoka and wanted to go to a gym, look no further than Accion Fukuoka (warning: homepage is ancient, your browser just might go crazy), located close to Fukuoka Airport. Although there no sign up fee or monthly fee, there is an entrance fee for each time you want to use the facilities. The price varies depending on what you want to do. Swimming is of course more expensive than weight training, and even with weight training the price differs as well. It’s a pay-as-you-use model, which works out very well if you’re busy and your schedule isn’t set and you’re not training everyday (in that case a monthly fee would be better).

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. And depending on who’s working, English isn’t much of a problem.

Since Accion is next to the airport, you’d think it’d be pretty noisy with all the air traffic. Actually, it isn’t that bad.

Look, Boss! De plane, de plane!

Just Tell Me ‘Bout Them Lifts, Bro
Today I did deadlifts 5×5, upright rows 3×5, reverse lunges 3×5, and my hip abductor/adductor exercises 2×10. I’m working my deadlift for strength and everything else for endurance.

Eventually, I’m gonna start working on my squat and overhead press. Normally, I do about 50-60 bodyweight squats every other day, but if I want my legs to be really, really strong adding in weighted squats into my routine will most definitely help. Also doing 15 handstand push-ups against a wall is also very different than pressing 35 kilos several times over my head. I tried that today. Woo, that was awkward and heavy.

"It's the Eye of Tiger, it's the thrill of the fight..."

That's my bodyweight... and my warmup set.

Gimmie a Finisher, Bro
I’m enjoying my time in the gym, probably just as much as – gasp, dare I say it – jiu-jitsu. Before I was weight training and conditioning as a means to improve my jiu-jitsu. However, I’m seeing it more and more as another way to express myself physically.

Like jiu-jitsu the time and the effort I put in has direct results. Plus I find that lifting heavy things, with a “bad” leg, is suprisingly fun.

The Right Leg. Scar adds +2 Badassness, +11 dontwannagetinjuredagain

Geez, my outfit doesn't match. Is okay, I'm too tired to care anyway.


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