Weight Training – May 19th

Since, I’m going to include my jiu-jitsu training I might as well write about the order side of the training coin.

Usually my gym days fell on Tuesday/Saturday or Thursday/Sunday within the week. I still want to keep my gym days. I might have to cut back on them until I get used to jiu-jitsu being a regular part of my schedule.

Also Sam, of Grappling Dummies fame, has found the time to join me though only once a week. He’s been very busy with his own English school, hard at work teaching the kids of Fukuoka Prefecture how to properly respond to the question “How are you?” without having them freeze in mid-thought. I’m glad he’s back out there and getting fit before he officially re-starts jiu-jitsu as well. Of course, it’s always great to have someone to workout with and push you to your limits.

The original purpose of my weight training was to strengthen my right leg. While it was more than capable of supporting my bodyweight, years of favoring the non-injured, no-surgery leg left my right leg in a not-ready-for-sports state. Now that I can pull off single leg exercises just as well, if not better, on my “bad” leg, I’m ready to escalate things to the next level.

But not today.

For some strange reason, I was tired all day. I taught 1st graders and 3rd graders all day. Anyone who manages to teache young children and not turn into a dragging zombie-like mess at the end of the day is my hero.

Just Tell Me ‘Bout Them Lifts, Bro
So I was tired heading into my workout and on my second set of deadlifts the calluses on my right hand tore open. They didn’t bleed, I think I would have called it a night if than happened, but it exposed enough raw skin to be bothersome and affect my grip. I didn’t go as long or as heavy as I wanted to. Sam grabbed some tape from his bag, which brought back gi filled memories, and I wrapped up my hand as best I could. I barely finished my third set.

Afterwards, I kinda wandered around the gym testing out my grip and not feeling very confident about it. I also wanted to crank out overhead lunges but I was incredibly drained after my deadlifts and could only do a warmup set.

Sam ended up doing more than me, good on him for that. I finished up my workout with forearm curls for my left arm, six pull-ups and my usual hip adductors/abductors exercises.

Gimmie a Finisher, Bro
Eventually, I want to be as strong as I possibly can in order to prevent future injures, not add to them. And if that helps me in my jiu-jitsu training then, hey, that ain’t so bad either.

And avoiding more raw calluses would be good too.

It only hurts when I grab things


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