Jiujitsu Training – May 17th

I wasn’t sure if I should continue writing about my progress in jiu-jitsu seeing as how I’ve been to only one class so far. I suppose it’d make for a nice then vs now juxtaposition. You know, the whole pre-injury me vs post-surgery me thing.

Plus, there’s the idea that if we really enjoy doing something that is of worth to us, then we should devote an absurd amount of time doing exactly that. It’s kinda like if I was going out and living my life, I should do it for myself, not just so that I can update my Facebook wall in the hopes my friends can click Likes This, which is something I haven’t done in a very long time as well. The updating FB wall thing I mean.

But when it comes to personal growth, as is the case with jiu-jitsu, sometimes committing our thoughts to paper helps us clarify, catalogue and cystallizes our efforts. Also, my old blog is still pulling in views where as this one has, what, like, three so far. Plus, I fancy myself a writer, so writers gotta write. Obviously, there’s no content here – facepalm – so by keeping track of things training wise it should get me back into the swing of things.

I just hope I can write on a daily basis. Sheeayah, like I’ve never hoped for that before.

So How’d Class Go?
After I changed into my gi and finally got my belt on properly, I forgot how to tie it and failed five times to do so, I went through the warm-ups with no problem at all. My post-surgery knee and leg held up very well, much better than expected. And despite the quickly-forgotten and once-again-immediately-familiar heat of the gi, I didn’t feel very out of shape or awkward or uncomfortable doing rolls and breakfalls and everything else.

What surprised me the most about coming back was how high my level self-awareness seemed to be and how incredibly easy I picked up on the techniques.

Two of the techniques Tomari-sensei taught was familiar to me. The other two were new but I saw how they could be linked together even before Tomari-sensei qualified my thoughts by flowing through each technique as a recap towards the end of the instructional session of class. I believe my two year absence from jiu-jitsu could explain my now sponge-like technique-absorbing brain. I was crazy about jiu-jitsu, wrote about it, got injured, still kept myself in the loop, drove myself more crazy cause I couldn’t train, got better, got re-injured (twice), had surgery, cut myself off from all things jiu-jitsu, got stronger, had another surgery, got stronger again AND finally that I have the chance to do the jiu-jitsu my brain’s like MOAR! HUNGER FOR JIU-JITSU! RAHHH! So yeah, I’m picking up details super quick.

Same goes for my high self-awareness level. I do not want to get re-injured again so I have to be more aware of everything; how I move my body, my posture and where my weight goes. I pay a lot more attention to my body mechanics and stay well within my self-imposed limits. I didn’t rush through the techniques as we drilled them, I took my time and made improvements where I could.

I was really tempted to spar for a round, but fought the urge. I probably will jump in next class with the goal of rolling as slow and easy as possible.

Finishing Thoughts
I’m not sure how this new found sense of self will last or if it’ll transfer over when I spar at full intensity, but I’m liking it. I’ve never had anything like that before. I hope it sticks.


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