Ready, Steady – GO!

I haven’t had much to write about because, well, I haven’t been training.

Actually, I have been training, just not jiujitsu. I’ve been weight training and logging in bodyweight exercises to the point that I’m doing something active everyday.

Two days in the week I’m at the gym doing deadlifts, dumbbell rows, overhead military presses, farmer’s walks, lunges, reverse lunges, and exercises that target the hip adductors, abductors and rotator cuffs. Pull-ups, bench or dips if I’m lucky.

I’m kinda giddy about my deadlift. It’s above my bodyweight.

On the days I’m not at the gym I’m doing yoga, situps, sumo squats, squats, hindu pushups, diamond pushups, and fist pushups. Not in a row of course. I mix things up and only do three sets of three exercises. On my lazy-days I stretch and try to stay in seiza (the kneeling position) for as long as possible.

At first it was pretty hard to mix in bodyweight exercises with weight training. I’d be too sore from deadlifting that I didn’t ready want to do anything else but sleep and eat.

But this past month I’ve slowly gotten into the groove of things and feel a bit antsy if I don’t do anything.

What has all of this active goodness done for me lately?

Well, yesterday, I finally did go back to Hakata Paraestra. I joined the warm ups and class, sat out for the sparring sessions and told Tomari-sensei that I’m officially back.


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