Monthly Archives: March 2011


I’ve been busy.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in my life; some personal (don’t worry, good things here), a few things happening job wise, and a bit of seed planting for the future that’s directly tied to jiujitsu and my love of writing. Then there’s the actual preparation for training jiujitsu.

That’s coming along nicely 🙂

I had a second surgery to remove the titanium screws and anchors that held my re-constructed ACL in place two years ago until the bone tunnels in my knee completely healed. It went well, surprisingly. My knee is much more happier now. The day after the surgery it jumped out of bed, slapped me awake and told me, “I feel like doing some squats, bro! Let’s do it!” I calmly told my knee not to rush things and that we’ll be lifting soon enough.

Fastforward to now, I can jump up and down with my knee, sprint for as long as my lungs will permit me, and bend with the best of them. And yesterday, I deadlifted my bodyweight, which isn’t much but concidering that two years ago I got injured and a year ago I was just content to walk up stairs, this is pretty badass I must say.

I go back home to Hawaii for a week as soon as April starts. Afterwards I plan to officially re-start training and hopefully continue writing about my progress for as long as possible.